The main characteristics of embossed vacuum bags

Embossed vacuum bags are mainly used for food packaging and have the following characteristics:
1. High vacuum degree. Made of high-density materials, it can achieve high vacuum, maximize the extraction of air and other gases, and extend the shelf life of food.
2. Strong oxygen resistance. Vacuum bags with good sealing properties can effectively isolate air and oxygen during use, prevent food from oxidation and spoilage, and retain its original flavor and nutrition.
3. High temperature resistance. The material of vacuum bags has good high-temperature resistance and can be used for high-temperature sterilization and vacuum packaging of cooked food, effectively killing bacteria and extending shelf life.
4. Good anti permeability performance. It has good airtightness and sealing properties, which can prevent the infiltration of external water vapor and acidic substances, and protect the freshness and original taste of food.
5. Easy to use. The vacuum packaging system is easy to operate, and when in use, only food and seasoning need to be placed in the bag, sealed at the edges, vacuumed, and sealed at the frame, which can be stored for a long time. Easy to use, no need for professional training.
6. Suitable for a wide range of temperatures. Vacuum bags made of different materials can be used within the temperature range of -40 ° C to 121 ° C, meeting the requirements of freezing, normal temperature, and high temperature treatment processes, with a wide range of applications.
7. Typical embossing effect. The surface of the vacuum bag has typical embossing patterns, and the embossing effect after vacuum is obvious, safe and reliable, preventing counterfeiting.
8. High cost-effectiveness. Vacuum bags and vacuum packaging machines have lower prices, but they can greatly extend the shelf life of food, reduce losses, and have high economic benefits, making them suitable for use by food production enterprises.
Therefore, embossed vacuum bags are widely used for vacuum packaging of various foods due to their high vacuum degree, good oxygen resistance, and convenient use. They can effectively extend the shelf life, reduce losses, and ensure food safety. The use of vacuum packaging technology can not only reduce enterprise costs, but also improve product quality and image, which is worthy of promotion and application by food production enterprises.

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