Wholesale vacuum packaging bags

  • Embossed vacuum bag (suitable for household small vacuum machines).
  • Smooth vacuum bag (suitable for commercial vacuum machines).
  • Vacuum bag roll.
  • Aluminum foil vacuum bag.
  • Vacuum packaging bags for rice.
  • Vacuum bag with valve.

Wholesale Embossed Vacuum Bags

      Embossed vacuum bags are a specialized type of packaging designed for food storage and preservation, commonly used in both household and commercial kitchens. These bags are equipped with unique features that enhance the effectiveness of vacuum sealing and extend the shelf life of food products.

Custom Smooth Commercial Vacuum Bag

      Smooth commercial vacuum bags are an essential tool for businesses involved in food processing, distribution, and various other industries. Their smooth surface ensures a reliable seal, making them a versatile packaging solution for a wide range of products. These bags help businesses maintain product quality, reduce waste, and meet packaging and preservation requirements.

Vacuum Packaging Bag Roll Manufacturer

      Vacuum bag rolls are versatile packaging materials commonly used for food storage and preservation. These rolls allow users to customize the size of bags according to their specific needs, enabling the vacuum sealing of various types and sizes of food items.

Wholesale Aluminum Foil Vacuum Bags

      Aluminum foil vacuum bags are versatile packaging materials designed for food storage, preservation, and transportation. These bags combine the advantages of aluminum foil, such as insulation, oxygen barrier, and moisture resistance, with vacuum sealing technology to ensure the quality and freshness of food items.

Wholesale Rice Vacuum Packaging Bags

      Rice brick vacuum bags are specially designed packaging materials tailored for the packaging and preservation of compressed rice. These bags are commonly used to package rice, grains, and other dry food items, allowing for efficient storage, transportation, and long-term freshness.

Vacuum Bags with Ziplock Strip and Valve

      Vacuum bags with self-sealing strip and valve are a convenient packaging solution designed for food storage, preservation, and vacuum sealing. These bags are equipped with a self-sealing strip and a one-way valve, allowing users to easily create a vacuum seal, ensuring the freshness and quality of the contents.