Wholesale Side Gusset Coffee Bags

      Side gusset coffee bag is a packaging bag for coffee beans or ground coffee,The sides of the packaging bag fold to form a gusset that expands when the bag is filled with coffee, providing more space for the contents inside. Side gusset coffee bags have a flat bottom, which can stand on store shelves.
      The bag can be equipped with a one-way air valve, which can discharge the gas in the bag and prevent the coffee bag from bursting.Side gusseted coffee bags have resealable closures such as zippers or tin ties, either regular zippers or easy-tear zippers, to keep coffee fresh after initial opening.

          Customized Biodegradable Coffee Bags

      Biodegradable coffee bag is a coffee bag made of PLA and kraft paper.PLA is a biodegradable bioplastic processed from corn starch or sugar cane, which can break down into natural components under certain conditions,This feature is advantageous for those who wish to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.
      PLA biodegradable coffee bags can be equipped with transparent windows, allowing a clear view of the coffee inside the bag, which is particularly attractive for displaying the quality of the coffee beans.

          Wholesale Stand Up Coffee Bags

            A large number of side gusseted coffee bags are available in different styles, including flat coffee bags, stand up coffee bags, coffee bags with valves, kraft paper coffee bags, biodegradable coffee bags, etc.
            They also come in various sizes and colors and are the most commonly used coffee bags in coffee shops. We can also custom print the coffee bags you need, with each coffee bag adding a reclosable feature.

          Wholesale Kraft Paper Coffee Bags

      Kraft paper coffee bags are coffee bags mainly made of kraft paper. In order to ensure the freshness and quality of coffee, kraft paper coffee bags usually have an inner lining. The inner lining is usually made of materials such as aluminum foil or other barrier films to prevent moisture,oxygen and light may reduce the flavor and aroma of coffee.
      Many kraft paper coffee bags have one-way air valves. The valve allows gases such as carbon dioxide to escape from the bag without allowing outside air to enter. This is crucial for freshly roasted coffee as it releases the gases produced during the roasting process while preventing oxygen from entering, which can negatively impact the freshness of the coffee.